Olivia Punnett

Olivia Punnett

We designed and developed a website to showcase Olivia Punnett’s artwork and to help her discuss her multiple practices.

The homepage displays an interactive gallery that plays on the idea of reflection and separation, allowing the user to match up different halves of Punnett’s portfolio.

The homepage features an interactive gallery where images can be mixed and matched.
The website features quotes and testimonials that can be moved around the screen.

Working with AW-AR Studio was very easy because they listened to feedback attentively but were also super intuitive with their design work and interpretation to get the best results.

Olivia Punnett
Haarlem Artspace
The website plays on the two halves of the screen, the same as the interactive gallery — information about Olivia's many practices appears in the left hand half of the screen.
The websites grows from a rectangle that is the same ratio as a medium format camera, relating to Olivia's practice.

Impact Report

Project 6