Lit Homeware

Identity and packaging design for Lit Homeware. Using renaissance inspired typeface Reckless in a heavier weight allowed for an enjoyable juxtaposition to be created when sitting next to the delicate pattern and packaging.

Photography by Helena Dolby.

The patterns were created separately using brush and ink, then combined and colorised on the computer.
As the patterns are seamless, they can be applied to Washi-tape for use on other packaging.

AW-AR go above and beyond with their helpfulness and positivity and after 'finishing' our project they're still supportive and generous with their time and guidance. I'm so happy with the branding work they've created for Lit, pushing beyond the brief and giving so much advice. I hope to work with them again.

Heather Gilberthorpe Pell
Lit Homeware

Doorstep Portraits

Ellie Grace