Doorstep Portraits

Ellie Grace

Collaborative project with Sheffield photographer Ellie Last — who captured the first pandemic lockdown through a series of doorstep portraits as she went on her permitted daily walk.

The project was featured on BBC News.
Publication printed by ASAP.

Photographs were socially distanced with a minimum gap between each, leading forcing them to wrap onto the next page.

The design was conceptually led by the pandemic, taking the idea of social distancing and using that as a basis to generate a grid and lay everything out — this led to photographs being forced over the edge of the page and onto the next.

The book also contains a collection of discussions between Ellie and the people being photographed.

The hand-drawn typography was inspired by the messages of hope people were putting in their windows for our key-workers and NHS staff.

We introduced a directory at the end of the book, bringing all of the photographs together.

Olivia Punnett

Olivia Punnett